Brand new tyres and wheels

Tyres and Wheels

Checks and replacement tyres and wheels

At Ewood MOT and Service Centre we believe in safety first, so we only supply brand new tyres and wheels. We do not supply or fit part worn tyres.

There are many elements to a tyre that you should consider to ensure your car is safe and legal to drive.

Many people focus only on the tread depth. The current minimum legal depth is 1.6mm around the complete circumference of the tyre and at least 3/4 of the width. If your tyres do not comply with the law, you are liable to minimum 3 points per tyre on your licence and a substantial fine.

Manufacturers however recommend you consider changing your tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm. Any less considerably reduces your safe stopping distance, especially in the rain and ice weather.

Other factors to consider are the condition of the tyre wall. Check for cracking, perforated edges or bulges (from hitting kerbs), as these typically lead to collapse and dangerous ‘blowouts’ whilst driving.

Many tyres now include a computer chip or sensor which is bolted to the internal rim. This tells the ECU (Engine Control Unit) if there is a loss in pressure (air), which then displays a warning signal on your dashboard.

A complete diagnostic can tell you if the tyre or sensor needs replacement as the sensor battery could have lost power or be damaged.

As both an Oak Tyres and Black Circles Premier Garage we provide a wide range or tyres for all vehicles and seasonal conditions (winter / summer tyres).

We also provide complete tracking, balancing and alignments.

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Tyres and Wheels at Ewood MOT & Service Centre:

  • Black Circles Premier Garage
  • Wide range of manufacturers and sizes
  • Tyres for all seasons and weather conditions
  • New tyres, alignment, tracking and balancing

Important Tyre Considerations:

  • Minimum legal requirement: 1.6mm of complete circumference and 3/4 width
  • Check for flaking, cracking, perforated edges or bulges
  • Range of tyres for all weather and seasonal conditions
  • Wide range of tyre manufacturers
  • Replacements, tracking, balancing and alignments
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