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Filter ChangesAre you hearing knocking noises from the front or rear of your vehicle? 

Suspension faults can happen at any time and are typically linked to driving styles or road quality.

As there are a few elements that make up the suspension on your vehicle, you may only require certain parts to be replaced, rather than the full suspension all at once.

Similarly, just because the front suspension may be in need of repair, does not necessarily mean you have to replace all elements left and right, or front and back.

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Suspension Replacements at Ewood MOT & Service Centre:

  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter change
  • Fuel filter change
  • Pollen filter change
  • Gear box oil filter change
  • Replace coil springs
  • Replace bushes
  • Replace shock absorbers
  • All or individual dependent on condition

Why does suspension deteriorate and how do I know when it needs attention?

  • Pot holes in the road and consistent driving down uneven roads
  • General wear and tear over time and high mileage vehicles
  • Uneven tyre treads can show signs of suspension faults
  • Front, left, front and back can all go at different times
  • Suspension is tested in an MOT
  • Suspension is tested in our Free Health Check



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