Complete engine replacements and rebuilds

Engine Rebuild

Complete engine replacements and rebuilds 

Engine Replacement BlackburnAt Ewood MOT & Service Centre, we provide complete engine replacements and rebuilds.

From component replacements to timing chains and belts, we will discuss with you the most economical way to repair your vehicle.

In some cases, individual part replacements just as a crank shaft or short motor may actually cost more than a complete engine replacement, so we will fully explain the options available to you.

Engine replacements and rebuilds are provided in exact accordance with the manufacturers instructions, which provides a typical minimum mileage or annual warranty (manufacturer dependent).

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Engine replacements at Ewood MOT & Service Centre:

  • Engine replacement and rebuild
  • Manufacturers warranty
  • Most economical advise provided
  • Most makes and models available

Engine replacements include:

  • Advise provided for most economical repair
  • Most manufacturers makes and models available
  • Includes warranty protection
  • Time scales vary from 1 to 7 days dependent on make and model
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