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Engine Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics on all manufacturers makes and models

Engine Diagnostics LancashireNo matter how modern your car is, it is still powered by the mechanical parts of an engine

The engine is then linked to a computer system known as ECU (Engine Control Unit), that analyses data to detect and identify specific faults relating to a complaint.

When a warning light is displayed on your dashboard, it lets you know there is a problem and the area the problem relates to e.g. brakes. Connecting to the computer diagnostic software then goes much deeper into the problem for the mechanic to identify the true fault such as component, connection or wiring problem.

Most cars manufactured since 1998 will have an onboard computer.

At Ewood MOT & Service Centre, we have the software to diagnose all manufacturer makes and models to complete a full vehicle diagnostic check.

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Engine Computer Diagnostics at Ewood MOT & Service Centre:

  • Electronic Control Unit known as ECU
  • We diagnose all manufacturers makes and models
  • Dashboard lights, engine, emissions, tyres and electronics diagnosed
  • Analyse data to identify faults for deeper inspection

Engine Diagnostics include:

  • In depth inspection following dashboard warning light to identify exact fault.
  • Identify if faulty parts, connection or wiring problems
  • Many elements of the cars running performance are monitored by ECU including electrics, emissions, tyre gauges and internal comforts.
  • We have the software for all manufacturers makes and models.
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