Look after your car to maintain performance

Car Servicing

Car Service; look after your cars health like your own health. 

Car ServiceLike visiting the Doctor, any mechanical or electrical equipment also needs to be serviced in order to get optimum performance every time you use your car or van.

A regular car service also give you a chance to plan ahead for any replacement parts you need to budget for in the future.

At Ewood MOT & Service Centre, we have 2 Car Service options for any make or manufacturer of vehicle, for you to choose from.

  • BASIC Service
  • FULL Service
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Car and Van Servicing at Ewood MOT & Service Centre:

  • All Makes and models serviced
  • Service to Manufacturers specification
  • 50+ Item checks of Ok, Advisory, Urgent
  • Warranty on all parts
  • Reset service light & stamp book
  • 2 Service level options to choose from
  • Filter changes

As a minimum, every car service receives Minimum 50 point check including:

  • Minimum 11 Point Vehicle on Floor checks
  • Minimum 18 Point Vehicle on Fully Raised Ramp Checks
  • Minimum 6 Point Vehicle on Half Raised Ramp Checks
  • Minimum 12 Point Under Bonnet Operations Checks
  • Serviced as per manufacturers specification
  • All tyres and wheel checks (include nuts and bolts)
  • Reset of dashboard Service Light on completion
  • Service Book stamp to provide your service history
Does Your Car Sound Ill?

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Call 01254 433383 for advise or to book your vehicle in for a check