Stay safe with efficient braking


Never risk driving if you are not confident in your brakes!

Car brakes BlackburnOver time, brakes will deteriorate and require replacements.

There are many elements to braking systems including pads, calipers, disks, hoses and handbrake shoes.  Most modern cars are fitted with ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems) brakes as standard.

Brakes get scored and corroded over time. Even though they may be within MOT specification, deteriorating brakes can effect driving ability and ability to stop in a safe manner.

At Ewood MOT & Service Centre we provide brake inspections, advise and replacements to give you peace of mind.

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Brake inspections and replacement at Ewood MOT & Service Centre:

  • All Makes and models
  • Brake, pads, calipers, disks, hoses and handbrake shoes
  • Corrosion inspections
  • MOT minimum pad requirements

Brake checks include:

  • Inspection and advise of brake, pads, calipers, disks and hoses.
  • Check and alignment of handbrake shoes
  • Inspection for any brake fluid leaks
  • Brakes are changed per axle set to provide safest and best driving practice.
Does Your Car Sound Ill?

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Call 01254 433383 for advise or to book your vehicle in for a check