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Car Batteries in BlackburnSigns your car battery is letting you down! 

Cars rely on the car battery for a huge range of electrical functions as well as starting and maintaining a running engine. A dead battery, linked to a faulty alternator, will stop you going anywhere.

While all vehicles require a good battery at the heart of the engine to function, more modern cars require a well performing battery to allow all electrics to work.

Car batteries contain dangerous chemicals and materials and are heavy to manoevere.
Always handle with car and dispose of it safely.

Ewood MOT and Service Centre will dispose of your car battery with every new replacement.

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Car Battery Services at Ewood MOT & Service Centre:

  • Diagnostic check
  • Replacement and fitting
  • Fully tested
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Variety of brands
  • Safe disposal
  • All car makes and models

Is my car battery faulty?

Typical symptoms that suggest you should check your car battery
  • When starting the engine the crank sound and ignition takes longer
  • Peculiar flashing or warning lights on the dashboard
  • Car batteries typically last 3-5 years dependent on usage. How old is yours?
  • Leaking from the battery
  • Vehicles left stood still for a long period of time leads to passive drainage
  • Cold and hot weather conditions make your battery work harder and fail quicker
Does Your Car Sound Ill?

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Call 01254 433383 for advise or to book your vehicle in for a check