Is your Air Con working efficiently?

Car & Van Air Conditioning

Is your car air conditioning performing as it should?

Are you ready for warm weather? If not, book in an Air Conditioning gas test with us and we can service, refill and clean as required.

Obvious signs of a problem are the inability to cool the vehicle to desired temperature, which people typically only try when the weather is warm outside.

For others though, you might have noticed you or your passengers suffer from coughs, sneezes or a tight chest when in the car using the air conditioning system. This is caused by bacteria that is created from dirt that builds in the filters that then circulate around the vehicle.

Air conditioning provides the evaporator with its requirements to make the temperature cooler. But as this is working, it picks up dust and germs within the vehicle (for example from carpets) and whilst the evaporator is in use, the dirt will stick to it which naturally then creates germs and bacteria which is circulated around the car.

Over time the pressure in your air conditioning unit can increase or decrease which can be caused by leaks, mechanical or electrical faults. The air conditioning unit can also suffer from blockages caused by dirty or blocked air filters.

Plan ahead so that you and your passengers (including pets) can travel in comfort.

  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Air Conditioning Re-gas
  • Air Conditioning Bacterial Flush and Clean
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Air Conditioning for Cars and Vans

  • All Makes and models serviced
  • Service to Manufacturers specification
  • Air Conditioning Re-Gas
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Air Conditioning Bacterial Flush & Clean
Car Air Conditioning

Have a Full Car Service with our minimum, 50 point check including:

  • Minimum 11 Point Vehicle on Floor checks
  • Minimum 18 Point Vehicle on Fully Raised Ramp Checks
  • Minimum 6 Point Vehicle on Half Raised Ramp Checks
  • Minimum 12 Point Under Bonnet Operations Checks
  • Serviced as per manufacturers specification
  • All tyres and wheel checks (include nuts and bolts)
  • Reset of dashboard Service Light on completion
  • Service Book stamp to provide your service history
Does Your Car Sound Ill?

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